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The #1 Long Distance Carpooling App In America

RideApp© is a service provider app that connects drivers and riders to carpool together for trips over 20 miles.
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We made ride-sharing simple, efficient and secure so you can post or reserve a ride in just a couple of minutes backed with the support from the App center that has previously check your Driver/Rider information to make sure you are secure riding with a person you can trust.





There weren't any long-distance ride-sharing services being offered in the US. But now with RideApp©, it is all different. Post any trip over 20 miles as a driver and make money, or as a rider, book a trip to that city you need to travel and not only you will save money but you will also truly enjoy the trip as well as the company!



Unlike other ride-sharing apps, with RideApp© You will have access to see people’s requests and places of Origen and destination and you can set the price for each trip. The app will also connect you with a route that is the fastest and more precise so you can pick up your riders in order accordingly with who is closer to you.



Rideapp© is not just a long-distance carpooling app, it is also a company created with the purpose of helping the environment by reducing the amount of carbon monoxide and pollution created by cars. Our service connects all Drivers and Riders to share a ride to the location they both need to go in a given time.

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The most USER-FRIENDLY app to book long-distance rides


RideApp© is the only App In America offering long-distance connections to carpool at very reasonble prices.
Download the App now and get your first drive or ride booked today.
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