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Long Distance Ride-Sharing And Its Benefits

Updated: May 10, 2021

Traveling is fun, especially if it is to cities or states that you have never been to before, but if you’re the one paying for the fuel, miles, and maintenance costs of your vehicle over these long-distance trips, then it can take the fun out of the whole experience. Ridesharing over long distances, whether it’s for fun, work, or to meet family living across states, can help you reduce the burden of those costs considerably.

RideApp will help you put those empty passenger seats to good use, by letting them carpool with you over these trips. Not only will you get some company over long drives, but you’ll also save some gas money as your ride-along passengers will pitch in. If you’re on the receiving end of things, you don’t have to worry about driving the long distances, you just need to pay for one seat, and you’re free from driving all the way to your destination, putting miles on your car, risking wear and damages, etc. You just have to pay for your seat and let the driver worry about those things. As a driver, you can relieve all your burdens by charging passengers for the trip and well overpay your expenses and put money in your pockets.

Also, whether you’re the designated driver or a passenger, you’re both doing your part for the environment by reducing the number of cars on highways and city streets. If more people opt for Ridesharing with RideApp in the long run, we could see reduced traffic jams, congestion, pollution, and more.

But it’s not just the environment that’s improving with ride-sharing, it’s your people skills. With RideApp you will meet qualified drivers and passengers – you can make new friends and socialize along the trip. You may also meet business people if you’re commuting for work. There are a lot of people sharing Rides and some may turn out to be managers at companies or business owners. Ride-sharing apps allow you to network with people from diverse backgrounds and from many different fields of work.

RideApp also offers you the benefit to become a pro-driver. By doing so, you get additional benefits such as more money per mile. You can see the requirements and apply to become a pro-driver here. Since its specialty is long-distance trips over 20 miles, just one trip is enough to make what you will make in a week using local ridesharing apps– plus you won’t have to worry about city hazards like traffic lights, pedestrians, or tight spaces where to drive, or too much wear and damage to your car on smaller, more congested routes.

For more information, check out RideApp’s official website and follow us on Facebook and Instagram @Rideappofficial.

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