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Long-Distance Transportation – Is Ride-Sharing The Best Option?

Updated: May 10, 2021

Are you planning a long-distance trip for work or pleasure in the near future? You may be thinking of taking your own car or going by public transport. While these may look like suitable options for your long-distance traveling needs, don’t overlook the third option - ride sharing.

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If you didn’t already know what ride-sharing is, it’s basically like carpooling where you and a few others ‘share a ride’ over long distances. It’s completely safe with service provides like RideApp where you can easily reserve or offer a ride to people.

If you’re the one offering the ride, you need to register your profile on the service provider’s website/app so the people sharing the ride with you feel safe and secure. If you’re the one booking the long-distance ride on the app, you can easily check the driver’s information and previous reviews of other passengers who have shared the ride with the driver.

Coming back to your long-distance trip options, if you take your own car, you’ll be adding more miles to it, not to mention paying for the gas yourself. Depending on how those miles are distributed across city and highway roads, you may end up having to pay more, both in the short and long term.

How? Well, if there are more city roads in your journey, you’ll get lesser mileage per gallon compared to the highway and therefore use up more fuel. Then you also have to worry about the conditions of those roads, and the maintenance you have to pay for, in the long run. Sure, you’d be relatively comfortable, but at what cost?

If you take private transport, such as the bus, you’d be paying a standardized fare, from bus stop ‘A’ to bus stop ‘B.’ You would still have to do all the traveling in between by yourself, probably on foot, if you’re all for saving money. The bus would give you some relief from having to drive yourself but it may not be as comfortable as being in a car, especially when it comes to leg-room.

Ride-Sharing with RideApp is the best option out of the three mentioned. That’s because you get to set the price of traveling from your doorstep to your destination, without worrying about leg-room. You get to meet new people, make friends, not worry about mileage, fuel, or maintenance, be alone, or have a boring ride.

If you’re the driver, the App sets the most efficient route for you so you pick your riders without spending more fuel and traveling more than you need to. It’s a win-win for both you and the passenger.

For more information, check out RideApp’s official website and follow us on Facebook and Instagram @Rideappofficial for some amazing content.

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